Sunday, December 19, 2010


I thought that this movie was very informative. I thought that it was amazing and awesome that people with visual impairments were able to go rock climbing, let alone go climb Mount Everest. I thought that the movie was very entertaining and I learned many new things about visual impairments and how people work with them and through their blindness to do what they really want to do. I was really shocked that how the people in Tibet really looked down upon people who were blind and would ridicule them. Overall I thought it was a great movie.

Total hours: 2

Adapted Physical Education Video

Myself and my fellow colleague Richie Ferrer created a video about Cortland's Adapted PE Program and Adapted PE in general in the public school setting. At first Richie and I were creating this video for a video competition for youtube but we quickly realized that the video we were creating was much bigger than just an entry in a competition. The more and more we filmed this video i realized that this video could really be used to help raise awareness about Adapted Physical Education. This video could be used in SUNY Cortland's program as early as PED 201 Motor Development so the students can become aware of the program and concentration in Adapted PE at SUNY Cortland. The video could also spread much more awareness about APE by being on youtube so it will have a lot more exposure to people. I really hope that our video will be used through the program at SUNY Cortland and I also hope that the video spreads awareness to many people in the near future about Adapted Physical Education. Richie and I interviewed three professors within the APE program at SUNY Cortland including Dr. Foley, Dr. Craft, and Dr. Davis. We also interviewed a graduate assistant in the APE Master's Program, Ryan Edson, along with ourselves being interviewed. We had a lot of editing to go through as we were picking the best answers to fit within our video. I feel that this video will get a lot of attention and I really hope it helps the young students get started within Adapted Physical Education.

Total hours: 8-10

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Special Olympics Polar Plunge

On Saturday November 20th I attended the Special Olympics Polar Plunge at Ceder Beach in Mount Sinai, New York. The amount of people that showed up to this event was staggering, I couldn't believe it. I was so amazed that so many people were there to help raise and spread awareness about Special Olympics. I felt so proud to be apart of the New York Torch run that had started all the way up in Buffalo and worked it's way down to Ceder Beach, Long Island. There were thousands of people there that raised a lot of money in support for the athletes of the Special Olympics. Seeing that many people run and take the plunge into the freezing water in order to promote and support awareness for the athletes was very special to witness. I was very proud to witness this event and help raise money for the awareness of Special Olympics in New York.

Total Hours: 6

The Visitor

I have just watched the movie The Visitor which was very interesting. This movie has shown me a different view about the lives of immigrants within the United States. Even though one of the main characters didn't have his green card and according to the law should have been deported, he still was mistreated and did nothing wrong. Two New York police officers stopped him on suspicion that he was an immigrant because of the way he looked and his accent. They then proceeded to arrest him because he didn't possess a green card and he was put into a detention facility. At the end of the movie he was deported. I just feel that it's wrong to discriminate against people by the way they look or sound. Everyone should be treated and viewed equally. I hold this philosophy as I am in the Adapted PE program at SUNY Cortland and I will be perusing a career in Adapted PE and Special Education. No one should be discriminated against do to the way they look or act. Even though the man didn't have a green card he was still apprehended by the police for doing no harm. This movie let me see a different side of immigration and immigrants' lives. I am glad to have taken the to watch this movie.

Total Hours: 2