Sunday, April 26, 2009

St. Mary's Lab 5

Almost all of the games that my group has utilized with the St. Mary students have been appropriate. Most of the games have had the right range of activities and motor skills for the age group of students to accomplish. The students have shown their progressions and where they stood in the area of the certain motor skill that we were accessing. During week four, the game that we had our students play was food freeze tag, in which the students had to say their favorite food before getting the ball thrown to them to get unfrozen. The game didn’t go very well because the students weren’t using the right throwing motion by throwing overhand. The students also didn’t get the concept that they needed to be tagged first in order to get the ball. I feel that we really didn’t have the students’ full attention when we were explaining the rules and giving an adequate demonstration of the game.

There are some limitations that you can run into during the process of accessing motor skills. There will be students that aren’t able to perform the certain task that you need them to perform in order to access them in a specific motor skill. Every student is different and many of them develop at different times throughout their childhood. Another limitation that could be possible during a game could be a lack of resources. You can end up not having the right materials that you need or not enough material to perform a game or activity that you want to play.

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