Sunday, April 26, 2009

St. Mary's Lab 4

Since I have been at St. Mary’s there have been difficulties and challenges that I have faced during the labs. One of the difficulties was projecting my voice. Another difficulty was to keep the students on track during the activity that my group was running. One other difficulty/challenge that I have faced is to get the students that were sitting out of the activities to participate in the activity.

I have learned a lot from being at St. Mary’s and teaching the students there. When I had trouble with projecting my voice, I made sure that at the following lab I was projecting it so all of the students would hear it. Also, I made my voice loud enough to grab and keep the students attention. Keeping the students on track during an activity can be very difficult considering some of them don’t want to be participating in the activity at all. In order to keep them on track I feel that the directions and rules to the game have to be given out very thoroughly before the game starts, so there is a better chance that the students are doing the allotted task. Also, I feel that the game has to have a variation so the students don’t get bored with playing the same game. There have been difficulties where I haven’t really been able to get students that were sitting out to participate in the activity. I feel that I should ask them why they’re sitting out, try to convince them to play, and then ask them what game they want to play and tell them that they’ll play it after the activity in progress.

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