Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dodgeball or No Dodgeball?

I believe that dodgeball shouldn't be allowed in the public school system unless it is a modified version. The original game of dodgeball shouldn't be allowed do to the possible injuries from the ball and also because it gives bullies a chance to pick on other children. Throughout elementary and middle school I played a modified version of dodgeball called South of the Boarder. In this modified game there are two opposing sides and balls in the middle to start off as in dodgeball. The balls are all foam and squishy balls. There are two opposing jails in which is an area "behind enemy lines" where the players that are hit go to. Once a player is in the jail one of their teammates that is still in can throw them a ball and if the person in jail catches it they are freed. If one of the teammates threw a ball through the opposing side's basketball hoop, everyone that was in jail would then be freed. This game helps children with their social skills which I experienced by talking to other kids that I never talked to before on my team. It also helps with cognitive skills, in which you need to work out strategies with your other teammates to coordinate plans and moves.

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